Here's the results of an A/B test we ran for the keyword "entry level jobs".

In an extremely competitive space, where ads are bidding well over $14 on average, "accredited online college degrees" seemed largely dependent on brand and reputation—or so we thought. Both original ad variations emphasized the search term over the brand name. The use of "degrees" and "programs" in the headline won the clicks of most users. The use of actionable words like "start" and "search now" also helped win this battle. Keywords in the display URL were not used and did not impact clicks. All users clicked on ads that capitalized the first letter of each word.

Ad Network: Google AdWords

Experiment Type: A/B test without feedback

Keyword: accredited online college degrees

Test Scenario: You're a single parent looking to go back to school and earn an accredited degree from an online college.


The cost of, not testing at all, improper testing or the antiquated time consuming ways on how testing is currently conducted can result in thousands of dollars in missed opportunities and lost sales to competitors for just one ad. In this case, the right ad was chosen quickly resulting in increased revenue, and time and ad dollars saved.


  • Variation A received 50% of the clicks and won this experiment.
  • Variation B received 5% of the clicks.
  • Users recommended new Variation C by 14%.