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Here's the results of an A/B test we ran for the keyword "cordless drill batteries".

Variation C, one of our top three performing ads, was positioned on the right side of the search results for this experiment. Users recommended Variation C over all others by 10%. Variation C stood out among the rest by using the keyword as a subdomain, a short descriptive headline and call-to-action text with "Find Great Deals and Low Prices". Variation B won 14% of the clicks and came in second place. We used both the exact keyword and the keyword variation "Power Drill Battery Replacement" in the headline. The description text focused on having large inventory of "Cordless Drill Batteries" followed by the words "Free Shipping". Our winning Variation A used the exact keyword first in the headline followed by "Full Collection of All Major Brands". The short descriptive text emphasizing "Low Prices" and a "Satisfaction Guarantee" reassured users and won their clicks. All users clicked on ads that capitalized the first letter of each word in the headline and description text.

Ad Network: Google AdWords

Experiment Type: A/B test without feedback

Keyword: cordless drill batteries

Test Scenario: You're a construction worker and need to buy replacement batteries for your cordless drill.


The cost of, not testing at all, improper testing or the antiquated time consuming ways on how testing is currently conducted can result in thousands of dollars in missed opportunities and lost sales to competitors for just one ad. In this case, the right ad was chosen quickly resulting in increased revenue, and time and ad dollars saved.


  • Variation A received 50% of the clicks and won this experiment.
  • Variation B received 14% of the clicks.
  • Users recommended new Variation C by 10%.