State Farm Insurance

Here's the results of an A/B test we ran for the keyword "self employed health insurance".

Users like variety and selection when it comes to health insurance. Price is likely a key factor when searching for "self employed health insurance". Familiar brands in the ad likely influence clicks as they convey trust and credibility. Display URL's that are relevant to the users keyword search have a much higher click-through rate (CTR). All users clicked on ads that capitalized the first letter of each word.

Ad Network: Google AdWords

Experiment Type: A/B test without feedback

Keyword: self employed health insurance

Test Scenario: You're a self employed small business owner in need of health insurance.


The cost of, not testing at all, improper testing or the antiquated time consuming ways on how testing is currently conducted can result in thousands of dollars in missed opportunities and lost sales to competitors for just one ad. In this case, the right ad was chosen quickly resulting in increased revenue, and time and ad dollars saved.


  • Variation A received 20% of the clicks.
  • Variation B received 0% of the clicks.
  • Users recommended new Variation C by 28%.
  • Users recommended new Variation D by 42% and won this experiment.